Collection: Honeycomb

Honeycomb Honey: honey directly from the hive.

Honeycomb honey represents a niche production on a national level, and is the simplest and most natural way to enjoy this wonderful product that bees produce.

It does not undergo any honey extraction process but is only taken from the hives once it is capped, to be packaged.

It represents the original way of eating honey, meaning we could find it in nature inside a beehive.

We produce comb honey mainly on the most important blooms in our area, where the bees are able to forage a sufficient amount of nectar to build the comb and fill it with honey.

Once the combs are full of honey, they are capped by the bees and can be taken from the hive and taken to our laboratory.

At this point they immediately pass to the packaging and labeling operation, without undergoing any honey extraction process.

We produce comb honey in two formats : a small format for those who don't know it and want to taste this product, and a large format for those who know it and already appreciate its characteristics.

Comb honey is eaten together with wax, which you can choose whether to swallow depending on personal pleasure as it is a 100% edible product .

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