Nuclei of Apis

Bee nuclei: production and sale

Nuclei on 5 honeycombs in polystyrene hives

In my company every spring I produce bee nuclei in which I insert a royal cell or a fertile queen of my own production.
Over the course of the season I will have time to test and evaluate them: only nuclei led by strong queens will survive the winter and be ready for sale.
All the queens from which I translate are selected according to the most important characteristics such as: resistance to diseases, docility, production and low tendency to swarm.
The cores are delivered in polystyrene boxes with a net that must be returned to the company.

The cores must be booked in advance , availability may vary according to the year and delivery generally takes place towards the beginning of the month of April.

For information and/or reservations you can write to:

Production Earth and bees

I directly produce the nuclei of bees and queen bees during the spring season, where I proceed to test and evaluate them according to the best criteria.

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Safe transport

I supply the bees in polystyrene hives with mesh for safe transport, which must be returned later.

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In order not to risk being discovered or without the new bees, I recommend booking well in advance via contact form, email or phone call.

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