The company's products: Jarred Honey, Comb Honey, Bee Pollen, Beeswax, Earth and Bee Candles, Various Items and Favors for Events and Parties.

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Honey in Jar

Jar Honey is the food product ( natural sweet substance ) that my bee friends produce from the nectar of flowers or secretions from plants, which they forage, transform, combine with their own specific substances, deposit, dehydrate, store and leave to ripen in hive honeycombs.

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Comb honey in raw and pure form is not subject to any treatment or manufacturing process . The collection of this type of honey takes place simply by taking from the hives the beans already built and sealed by the bees, which therefore preserve all those volatile substances and some aromas which are usually partly lost during the honey extraction and filtering phases used for the classic honey extraction.

ATTENTION : Given the nature of the product, there may be drops of honey released from the cells on the bottom of the package. This is completely normal and is not to be understood as a defect or vice.

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Granuli di polline Terra e api

Bee pollen

Every single pollen grain contains all the elements necessary for life: proteins, vitamins, amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, enzymes, mineral salts and hormones, present in different proportions based on the flower from which they originate.

Precisely because of its nutritional completeness, bee pollen is used as a nutritional supplement .

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Beeswax is a very valuable product : I obtain the wax exclusively from my hives and in particular I use the operculum.

I sell it and send it to my shop in the form of wax sheets .

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Candles Earth and bees

The Earth and bees candles made in wax are an extremely valuable product and, given the nature of the article, they are produced in limited numbers .

Available in different shapes and sizes and in versions with or without wicks .

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Miscellaneous items

I sell complementary items to our honey products, for gift ideas!

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The most gifted products

Candele di varie forme in pura cera d'api

Candles Earth and bees

Beeswax candles: a precious object with a very ancient origin. Candles have... 

Favors for Events and Parties

Contact me in the form on the contact page or via Whatsapp to create together the perfect wedding favor for your events with Terra e api products!