Favors for Events and Parties

The Favors for Events and Parties represent a gift and at the same time the memory of a special and unique day.

This is why I have chosen not to create predefined ones but to listen and satisfy your wishes and needs to create one as unique as your day!

For those of you who are interested, based on the proximity to my company headquarters, you can come and see me and together we can choose the most suitable product.

You will have the opportunity to taste the various honeys and beehive products, composing the best solution. The dimensions of the jars that we can use vary according to the product and availability: for honey, the choice can vary from the 50g jar up to the 1Kg jar, while for pollen it starts from the small 130g jar up to the 450g jar.

For those who cannot visit me at the laboratory, you can contact me to receive all the information you need.

As packaging, you can opt for transparent, cardboard or wooden types depending on the product.

Finally, you can decide on the most suitable type of dress by adding sugared almonds, honey spreaders, wax candles or any other object you prefer.

Furthermore, for those interested, I can also consider making personalized labels for your event which will still have to maintain the minimum information required by law.

Preparing wedding favors to order and personalized according to customer requests, time is needed for their preparation.

It is therefore preferable to contact us well in advance to make sure that we can study the best solution, to ensure the availability of any particular honeys or other products and at the same time have enough time to find all the materials and their preparation and composition.

For any question, request or information, you can write to me on the contact page, at the email info@terraeapi.it or in the form below.

Unique Gifts

Made to measure and personalized according to your needs

Possibility of tasting

Compose your gift by coming to the Laboratory to discover my products

Contact me in advance

Make sure you find products and materials for the event in time

Do you want more information?

The Terra e api laboratory is authorized and certified to assist you in every aspect.