Collection: Candles Earth and bees

Beeswax candles: a precious object with a very ancient origin.

Candles have been used since ancient times where they represented an important source of lighting for many peoples. Of all the materials used, beeswax was and still is certainly the most valuable material for their production, so much so that in the past, beeswax candles were mostly widespread and used in wealthy or wealthy families.

Over time, the working techniques for their production have also varied a lot, in the past rudimentary machinery was used which regularly immersed the central wick inside a container full of melted wax, progressively thickening the layer more and more and finally obtaining a candle, almost always of a very simple shape with an elongated and smooth profile.

Today beeswax candles are produced with special silicone molds of different shapes and sizes.

The beeswax that I use comes only from my hives or from the operculum that I obtain from the honey extractions during the season.

First it must be melted and filtered to obtain homogeneous loaves that can be used for production.

The production phase instead consists in preparing the molds with the wick and sealing them so that the wax cannot come out. Once the wax has reached its liquid state, it is filtered again and then poured into the mold until it is filled. At this point you have to wait for the wax to cool down and return to a solid state. After about 24 hours the candles will be ready and can be removed from the mold for the final check and for small hand-made corrections.

Another important peculiarity that must push you to buy a pure beeswax candle is that of attenuating the electromagnetic radiation caused by electrical appliances . It is possible to burn pure beeswax candles every day for a recommended time of between 15 and 60 minutes .

Earth and bees candles made in wax are an extremely valuable product, therefore we are able to produce a limited number of candles. Visit the shop in the appropriate section to stay updated on availability and available types.

Candele di varie forme in pura cera d'api