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Passion and protection for the honey bee and our territory

The Terra e Api company was born in 2016 in Val Tauneri in Giaveno (TO), a town at the foot of the Piedmontese Cottian Alps, where I was born and raised.

My passion for nature and bees since I was a child, and the desire to conserve and protect this insect of vital importance for ecosystems, with its fundamental and tireless work of pollinating flowers, prompted me to start with the first hives in 2015.

The following year the company was born and since then I have grown and expanded by turning it into a job. The difficulties are not lacking above all for the bad climatic conditions which in spring compromise a good part of the harvests.

My mission has therefore become that of selecting and breeding increasingly resistant bees : the first objective is the search for bees capable of adapting to the major climate changes that have been taking place for several years now and which have a severe impact on their natural cycle; the second objective is resistance to parasites, first of all the Varroa destructor.

Another fundamental point is to produce quality honey and pollen not only by seeking uncontaminated places, but also through extraction procedures, for this reason in fact I created my own honey extraction laboratory in 2016 where I personally work my products thus managing the supply chain at 360 ° from the super to the final jar.

For some years, in the winter-spring period, I have decided with a part of the beehives to carry out nomadism on the western Ligurian coast, where in spring, also favored by the peculiar climatic conditions of this area, I can produce the excellent honey of Erica arborea.

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Slogan Earth and bees

"A drop of honey

a drop of life

for us, bees and nature."

- Michael Portigliatti Piancera

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