Collection: Beeswax

Bee product par excellence, in addition to honey and propolis , beeswax is a complex substance that bees self-produce starting from honey with particular glands called ceriparous (active from about the tenth day of life and up to the eighteenth).

It represents a real building material, which they will use to make honeycombs, the set of many hexagonal cells where the life cycle of the new bees will take place and which will also serve as a warehouse for honey and pollen.

Beeswax is a very valuable product : I obtain the wax exclusively from my hives and in particular I use the operculum wax, which the bees use to close the cells of the honey to ensure its conservation and which is obtained by uncapping the honeycombs during the honey season.

I use the wax for the production of wax sheets and candles .

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