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Fogli Cerei da Nido 110g - pure operculum wax

Fogli Cerei da Nido 110g - pure operculum wax

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With the operation of uncapping the honeycombs during the honey extraction season, and the subsequent pressing of the operculum, pure operculum beeswax is obtained.

The shapes obtained must be melted and the liquid wax filtered to remove impurities. After which they are cooled and blocks of pure operculum wax are obtained.

This wax turns out to be the most valuable of all, due to the very low presence or total absence of polluting substances, and can be used for the production of wax sheets to be reused in beehives.

The transformation into wax sheets is entrusted to a specialized company Cereria Val Susa, which transforms our loaves into wax sheets for nests or supers.

The boxes intended for sale weigh approximately 5 kg each and contain approximately 45 nest sheets of 110 g each.

AVAILABLE ON RESERVATION pack of 90 super sheets of about 55g.


Availability may vary depending on the season and the amount of requests.

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